PMC 820

PMC-820 Multi-Spindle Machine Control


SIEB & MEYER expands machine control product line

for a low-cost system designed to improve productivity

on multi-spindle machines

SIEB & MEYER USA has developed a control platform with a sophisticated blend of industrial hardware, open technology and software flexibility specifically for the multi-spindle machine market (Acme, New Britain, Cone, Wickman, Euroturn, Gildemeister, Tornos, etc).

The PMC 820 machine upgrade includes an absolute encoder mounted on the main feed cam of the machine which provides accurate position of the cam to the controller.  A touch screen interface provides a user-friendly interface to set up and use the many control features:

FEED HIGH/LOW cam angles may be set to optimize cycle time. 

PICKOFF CYCLE functions can be programmed based on cam angles, such as when to open/close the pickoff collet.

CYCLE STOP angles can be set to stop the machine feed at a specific cam angle.

AUTO JOG of the machine feed can be set to stop at specific positions:  high point, low point, half index (or other positions as needed by the application). 

TAPPING SWITCH DETECTION verifies that the tapping reversal switch is triggerred every cycle, indicating the tapping cycle was complete.

STOCK DEPLETION CHECK monitors that the bar has completely fed out.

TOOL COUNTERS are settable for up to two tools at each slide position.  The operator is notified when tools need to be checked or replaced.

PART AND BATCH COUNTERS allow tracking of the number of parts made, and allows automatic stopping of the machine when a specific batch size of parts is reached.

BROKEN TOOL DETECTION is possible by interfacing the PMC-820 to an optional tool detect device.

This list of features is just a starting point.

We can customize the control interface to your machine

to provide the features you need.

The PMC-820 control is a flexible configuration that can be a simple add-on to the existing operator controls of the machine, or a more complete integration replacing front and rear operator stations and new machine electronics.  SIEB & MEYER offers a full service option to install this system on your factory floor.  Contact us directly for specific pricing for your application.