SERIES 8 CNC Grinding

upgrade a straight or angle head grinder with a simplified CNC solution

Defining Grind Cycle - The operator can select a stored grind cycle or use the fill-in-the-blank interface to define a grind. Chain together multiple grinds (plunge, traverse, multi-plunge) to create a grind cycle. Individual selector switches allow the operator to adjust the in-feed for the X & Z axes. In-process traverse grind diameter control allows the operator to stop the X-axis in-feed before final programmed diameter is reached (or to feed in beyond the programmed final diameter) based on actual process measurements. Store multiple grind cycles on the PC’s internal hard drive. Load new grind cycles to the control through an existing shop network or USB flash drive.

Wheel Dressing - Wheel dressing for both simple and complex profiles. Dress with either a single point diamond or a rear dressing station. Once defined, a complete dressing cycle can be run with only one button pressed, including multiple passes. Automatic dressing cycles can be programmed to run after a defined number of grind cycles.

Gage - In-process gage interfaces (up to 4) may be defined to control part sizes during the grind cycles.

Part Locator - Offset the Z-axis position from one part to the next using high resolution encoder feedback. The part locator uses the existing flag and mounting but replaces the dated electronics with a high precision encoder.

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