The Smart Drive Amplifier

SD2S was designed with respect to lower costs and a compact size without compromising output power and torque.

With an integrated power supply and braking resistor the SD2S provides a range of performance from 0.3 kVA to 30 kVA. Versions with greater than 55 kVA are operated with an external power supply.

The SD2S provides the opportunity to optimally drive asynchronous or synchronous machine tools or motors with or without speed sensor. Speeds up to 480,000 rpm can be reached.

For more detail information click the link to got SIEB & MEYER AG website: SD2S link to SMAG


Vector Drive for Orient & Rigid Tapping

The vector-controlled frequency converter FC71 is conceived for machine tools used for most complex tasks such as positioning, hard threading and tool changing within the power range of 20 - 150 kVA. The output filter, allows the frequency converter to generate pure sinusoidal currents / sinusoidal voltages with frequencies up to 2,500 Hz. Motor losses are minimized and the spindle can achieve its maximum lifetime. The FC71 provides increases productivity compared to conventional drive solutions, due to the an increase of power during the field weakening operation.

For more detail information click the link to got SIEB & MEYER AG website: FC71 link to SMAG