PMC 9 is suitable for new machines, retrofits, and custom applications. With a PC front end allows for integration of other Windows software applications along, with the control software.  A powerful built-in PLC program allows customization of the machine and operator interface.

The PMC 9 operators pendant can be customized for each application. Offering a 12 or 15 inch touchscreen monitor, multiple pushbuttons, switches, potentiometers, keyboards are available.


Operator Pendant Examples

Multi Spindle Lathe Operator Panel

This is our standard operator pendant front panel. It has for 4 pushbuttons for control of the main (spindle) motor and the feed motor/system. The handwheel allows the operator an easy way to position the axis for job setup.

  • 15 Inch Touchscreen Monitor - allows for easy control of CNC software

  • 16 Button, 4x4 - custom control of machine functions and auxiliary motors

  • Handwheel - allows for precise control of servo axes

  • 2 USB ports - easy and convenient backup and file transfer

  • Control On / Control Off

  • Emergency Stop - latching, twist release


5 Axis Tool Grinder

This customer has a touch screen monitor and a harmonic balancing unit (for dressing the grinding wheel) mounted in the front panel. Their are dual pushbuttons for turning on and off the CNC, turning on and off the regulator roll, and to manually control the spindle. Feed rate override potentiometer allows for precise control.

  • 15 Inch Touchscreen Monitor - allows for easy control of CNC software

  • Feed Rate Override - Precise control over the program speed

  • Coolant switch

  • 2 USB ports - easy and convenient backup and file transfer


5 Axis Tool Grinder

The OEM customer integrates 3D tool design software with the PMC 9 software to offer his customers a complete tool grinding package.


Straight or Angle Head Grinder

This configuration has a 12 inch touchscreen and a membrane keyboard. There is also a 16 button board in the lower left corner of the pendant. Here the operator can control many features of the machine.


10 & 14 Axes Pipe Driller

The customer also has a secondary operator's station and a handheld pendant.


4 Axis Knife Sharpening

The customer needed a custom electrical enclosure to mount to the machine so when the machine is moved it can easily 



How to display PMC 9 Info.

PMC 9 Controls

GMT Chevalier
Troyke Israel
GMT Wolverine
GMT Goeckel
GW Lisk Euroturn
Bradken Lyle's Machine
Midwest Knife
Fluid Line

Machine Retrofits

  • Gildemeister
  • Warner & Swasey
  • New Britain
  • ACME Gridley
  • Monarch
  • Giddings & Lewis
  • Cincinnati
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Isel
  • NASA
  • Morando