Frequency Converter, Variable Frequency Drive, VFD

SIEB & MEYER frequency converters are customized for high-speed motors and generators. They offer an optimal power output at the lowest possible motor and generator temperature.

SIEB & MEYER frequency converter fields and applications:

Service & Repair

CNC Control, PMC 9

PMC 9 is an open, flexible platform for CNC and other motion control applications. PMC9 is suitable for new machines, retrofits, and custom applications. 

SIEB & MEYER USA has an in house repair department. Some drives are also repaired in the original factory in Germany.

Controls for America's Manufacturing Industry

SIEB & MEYER USA designs, manufactures and services a complete line of motion control products including our newest full-featured CNC, the PMC 9, which provides power and flexibility for the most demanding applications in the industry today.

  • CNC for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

  • CNC for retrofit applications

  • CNC for custom applications

  • High speed spindle drives

  • Fastening system (nut running & press fitting) servo & controllers

SIEB & MEYER's high speed spindle drives have the features for the future's manufacturing demands.

SD2S spindle drives are capable of up to 480,000 rpm, and can operate with or without spindle feedback.

The FC71 spindle drive series is a vector-controlled drive capable of positioning accuracy of 0.007°. This allows for precise tool changes and interpolated work with feed axes, i.e. tapping or threading.


Machine Types / Applications

  • Anglehead Grinder

  • Straighthead Grinder

  • Horizontal Milling Machine

  • Vertical Milling Machine

  • Die Grinder

  • Surface Grinder

  • Rotary Table

  • Tilt & Rotary Table

  • Circuit Board Router

  • Turbine Blade Router

  • Multi-Spindle Lathe

  • Single Axis Lathe

  • Single Axis Cutoff Saw

  • Platelet Separator

  • Custom Machines

Machine Retrofits

  • Gildemeister

  • Warner & Swasey

  • New Britain

  • ACME Gridley

  • Monarch

  • Giddings & Lewis

  • Cincinnati

  • Pratt & Whitney

  • Isel

  • NASA

  • Morando


  • Automotive

  • Printed Circuit Board Depanelization

  • Rotary Die Cutting

  • Aerospace

  • Military Prototyping

  • Large Construction Equipment

  • Agriculture Machinery

  • Oil & Natural Gas

  • Machine Tool Sharpening