The PMC 9 CNC is available as a complete turnkey solution. Our customers machine's often have specific physical requirements that require custom electrical enclosures and/or operator pendant. Other machines might have complex software cycles or a complicated user interface. The PMC 9's software can be customized to run any machine and imitate almost any user interface.

PMC 9 Hardware


The PMC 9 is driven by the Motion Control 82 (MC82). The MC82 is the connection between the user interface, servo amplifiers and I/O modules. The connect from the PC to the MC82 is ethernet. The connection to the servo amplifiers is fiber optic, eliminating noise interference. The interface to the I/O modules is also over fiber optic cables. The MC82 also has RS232 communication.




The drive system SD2 is a flexible solution that permits quick and easy adaptation to the individual case of application – regardless of whether linear motors, rotary servo motors or motor-driven manufacturing spindles are operated. With SD2 you can implement applications with and without a speed sensor up to 180,000 rpm (3,000 Hz). Universal motor encoder evaluations and various options for the connection of the higher-ranking control are additional features to optimize multi-axis application.



Powerful, flexible, low cost – these words describe the drive amplifier SD2S by SIEB & MEYER. The compact dimensions allow space-saving design of the switch cabinet. Linear motors, rotary servo motors, high-pole torque motors as well as synchronous/asynchronous tool spindles with or without sensor can be driven by SD2S. The SD2S is connected via the bus system SERVOLINK 4. The fiber optic connection ensures a noise free connection between the CNC control and the drive amplifiers.



General purpose digital I/O board with up to 64 points of I/O at 24VDC on a single board. Other modules have +/- 10VDC analog inputs and outputs. The connection the MC82 board is fiber optic, eliminating interference and ensuring a a high speed data transfer. Boards are mounted on DIN rail and include each I/O point has an LED for simplified troubleshooting. If the PMC 9 is being retrofitted to a previous control system, relays can be used to convert the I/O to 120VAC or to provide dry contacts for a separate control.




Compact industrial PC with upto 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of solid state storage, running a 6th generation intel i3 skylake processor. The Windows 7 operating systems allows for familiarity on the shop network for data collection, centralize part program storage, or system back. A wired or wireless internet connection to the control allows for TeamViewer remote suuport.



The standard operator's pendant has a touchscreen monitor. An optional wet/dust proof industrial keyboard with pointing device can also be added to the machine if it is required. A handheld pendant allows the operator greater freedom for program setup.



Compact and powerful servo motors. Available in multiple frame sizes, power ratings, and connectors.

Multiple feedback options available. 
Resolver : Cost effective but loses position when the machine is powered off.
Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder (EnDat2) : Never loses position even when the machine is powered off


PMC 9 Software


Running under Windows, the PMC 9 has a user-friendly interface with touch screen, pull-down menus.  Part program files can be input from any source standard to a PC (e.g USB device, local area network, CD ROM, floppy disk).



The motion control software runs on the MC84 board, providing high speed capability in time-critical functions. Up to six interpolated axes and six auxiliary axes are possible with the standard system.  Additional configurations are available by request.  Built-in servo tuning software simplifies the tuning process.



 A powerful text-based language allows customization of the control interface using tools supplied with every PMC 9.  PMI controls all the machine I/O, auxiliary axes, and cycle control of the machine as well as creating and handling of operator touch buttons.  A real-time debugger provides a powerful tool to troubleshoot the machine.  Click this title to see a section of PMI code and the real time debug displays.



Parametric programming, subroutines, and canned cycles are all provided for under the APP programming system.  To the right is a sample of an APP program for the G83 peck drilling cycle.


PMC 9 Complete Turnkey Solution

Below is an example of a 2 axis angle head grinder electrical enclosure.

Electrical Enclosure Components

  • Electrical Enclosure
  • Sub Panel
  • Cabinet Light
  • Electrical Disconnect
  • Transformer
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Circuit Breaker / Fuse
  • Auxiliary Motor Starter & Overload
  • Control Relay
  • DC Power Supply
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Motion Control Board
  • I/O Board
  • Servo Motor
  • Auxiliary Motor
  • Servo Amplifier
  • Servo Power Supply
  • Servo Motor Cable
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Current Transducer
  • Terminal Block
  • Distribution Block
  • External Connector
  • Current Load Sensor

Operator Pendant / Station Components

  • Pushbutton
  • Switch
  • Potentiometer
  • Industrial Touchscreen
  • Industrial Keyboard
  • Industrial PC
  • Light Tower
  • Handheld Pendant

Auxiliary Operator Stations

  • Pushbutton
  • Switch
  • Potentiometer
  • Industrial Touchscreen
  • Industrial Keyboard
  • Light Tower


  • Control Manual
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Bill of Materials